LaTurbo Avedon

A view of a virtual community space, with a white glowing tree in a plaza surrounded by gracefully curving buildings under a blue sky

Skawennati & LaTurbo Avedon

Two artists who make work in Second Life exchange ideas on the meaning of identity in virtual communities, and the prospects for widespread immersion in the metaverse.

Skawennati & LaTurbo Avedon
A hand holds a glowing gray orb. A beaded bracelet with letters spelling EXIT is worn on the wrist

Utopia Piece by Piece

LaTurbo Avedon is building a virtual world where the blockchain’s aspirations to decentralization and democratization can be fully realized.

Utopia Piece by Piece

Guest editor Shumon Basar offers stories, strategies, and speculations for an era after the end of eras. Predicting the FUturee

A cartoon man stands alone in thought, sandwiched between indistinct photographs of a parking lot and a city at night
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