LaTurbo Avedon

A view of a virtual community space, with a white glowing tree in a plaza surrounded by gracefully curving buildings under a blue sky

Skawennati & LaTurbo Avedon

Two artists who make work in Second Life exchange ideas on the meaning of identity in virtual communities, and the prospects for widespread immersion in the metaverse.

Skawennati & LaTurbo Avedon
A hand holds a glowing gray orb. A beaded bracelet with letters spelling EXIT is worn on the wrist

Utopia Piece by Piece

LaTurbo Avedon is building a virtual world where the blockchain’s aspirations to decentralization and democratization can be fully realized.

Utopia Piece by Piece

Sarah Zucker, who uses obsolete and current tools to make forward-looking work, is Outland’s first guest editor. Ahead of Her Time

An animated image of a woman raising a finger in disapproval. Her hair is a flowing animation and there is a meander pattern bordering the image
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