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Cosmic Bloom

Leo Villareal

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A digital image of a pink bear in a purple suit standing in a gray room in from of a television set repeating his image

A New Alchemy

An artist reflects on Bitcoin's status as digital gold and a substrate for her work.

A screenshot of an avatar standing in a metaverse museum

Morrow Collective

The UAE-based curatorial collective discuss their latest project, which looks back at ten years of art and the blockchain

A screenshot showing a platform for transferring currency for Bitchcoin

Where did NFTs Come From?

Revisiting the earliest blockchain art projects helps explain the connection between contemporaneous developments in finance, aesthetics, and technology.

A digital image of a glowing red circle against a black background

Keeping Time

What can a pair of artworks made using clocks teach artists working with blockchains today?  

An abstract image of energetic black lines, interrupted by some thicker patches of color

Age of Anxiety

Held concurrently with Art Basel, the Digital Art Mile fair provoked conversations about the art world’s anxiety toward new media.

A trading card with a Pepe meme. The text beneath the drawing reads "Great riches await, in the world of shitcoins," and assigns the card a rareness score of 10

What the Frog Tells Us

As the popularity of Ordinals rises, it’s worth looking back to Rare Pepes as an earlier example of art on Bitcoin that valued community over price.

A close-up photograph of a calculating machine showing green numbers on a digital screen and emitting a long printout of digits

Critique it yourself

César Escudero Andaluz has crafted a DIY media art aesthetic to help audiences develop critical perspectives on web3 technologies and their underpinning ideologies of financialization.

A digital illustration of a cartoon cat against a starry black sky. The cat is composed of many iridiscent bubbles, some of which contain cartoon cats of their own

Breaking Protocol

The Ordinals protocol allows art to be inscribed on the Bitcoin blockchain—but it’s also an artwork in itself.

A screenshot of code from the Bitcoin genesis block

Bitcoin Graffiti

Messages and ASCII art inscribed on the Bitcoin blockchain highlight the human impulse to leave a lasting mark—and to adapt technology for creative purposes.

A photograph of a room whose shelves are piled with heavy old ledgers from the eighteenth century

Dressing for Venice

Fashion signals social affiliation at the Venice Biennale preview week for curators and NFT collectors alike, but Christoph Büchel’s project at Fondazione Prada dresses everyone down.

A pixilated digital drawing a woman smirking and folding her arms. She has green hair and a unicorn horn emerging from her brow


The DAO prioritizes collecting NFTs connected to performances and political actions by women and nonbinary artists.

Screenshot of a webpage with lots of overlapping images of products and online shopping icons against a gray backdrop

Mary Maggic

The Vienna-based artist and researcher talks about their ongoing work exploring molecular biopower.

A digital abstraction comprising uneven shapes in yellow, red, and various shades of blue, drawn and arranged in a way that suggests handiwork

Bright Moments

Founder Seth Goldstein looks back on three years of activity as the art production DAO prepares for its final event.

Performing Lectures

When public speaking becomes art, the digital and physical apparatus of the performance are made visible.

Sarah Rothberg

The artist talks about using avatars to highlight the power dynamics and performative aspects of everyday technologies.

Special Issue

Glitch Art

There are as many stories of glitch as there are practitioners and individuals experiencing or working with the glitch. This issue illustrates and unpacks a few fragments of glitch art's complexities, cycles, genealogies, and turns.

A glitched-out black and white digital college with blue scribbles running across it
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An AI-generated image of a child looking directly at the viewer with big, unevenly shaped and colored eyes. Her hands flank her face, and each one has three fingers.

How to Glitch AI

Prompt-based image generators seem unhackable. But a committed glitch artist can still instigate interventions.

A digital image showing lots of glitchy pixels in shades of pink and orange

Re-wilding the Algorithm

The hacker folk art of esoteric programming languages yields insights into glitch as a practice that hijacks existing algorithms to emphasize plurality and freedom.