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Cosmic Bloom

Leo Villareal

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A digital mosiac, with multicolored cells forming an abstract, wavelike composition

A Map of Everything

Inspired by his research in theoretical physics, Eric De Giuli makes dynamic digital works that evoke nature’s emergent properties.

In a 3D virtual space, columns rise from the middle of a calm pool, and spectral white platforms form a spiral staircase around the perimeter. A forest and the sky are visible in the background

Metaverse as Dark Forest

The prototypes of the CripTech Metaverse Lab suggest that virtual worlds can appeal to users by offering multiple ways of being online.

A pixel drawing of a stylized eye in shades of blue, with another eye drawn over it in black

Chain Letter

The Museum of Modern Art’s Postcard project is a collaborative art-making game that upends the commercial expectations of NFTs.

A digital image showing lots of glitchy pixels in shades of pink and orange

Re-wilding the Algorithm

The hacker folk art of esoteric programming languages yields insights into glitch as a practice that hijacks existing algorithms to emphasize plurality and freedom.

An AI-generated image of a child looking directly at the viewer with big, unevenly shaped and colored eyes. Her hands flank her face, and each one has three fingers.

How to Glitch AI

Prompt-based image generators seem unhackable. But a committed glitch artist can still instigate interventions.

A glitched-out black and white digital college with blue scribbles running across it

Glitch Cycles

Guest editor Rosa Menkman introduces a special issue on the artistic practice of glitch.

A digital image depicting an electronic device with a winking, haloed emoji on the screen. The image is rendered in pink and purple tones, pixelated and hazily glowing

The Crypto Pawnshop

Curators Benoit Palop and Vienna Kim discuss the nostalgia and social signaling that drive the impulse to collect.

A digital abstract painting with bold blues and purples against a grid of yellow and orange

Gestures of the Generative Painter

Simulated brushstrokes have long appeared in digital art. But generative art's expressivity is less about imitating painterly gestures than devising a system to produce them.

A painting of a shiny, digital-looking female figure posing on stage

A New Realism

Increasingly, painters are using digital tools and computer-generated images to capture the tone and texture of reality.  

A field of black-and-white pixels resembling the surface of the ocean, with cyan and magenta highlights marking the peaks and troughs of waves

Troubling the Waters

Jonathan Chomko’s pixel-based water simulator critiques the fetishes of randomization and realism in generative art.

An AI generated image of the Czech composer Dvorak


Founded by Czech entrepreneur Karel Komárek, the Basel-based collection has an explicit focus on digital and new media art.

An abstract digital composition of quadrilateral volumes in shades of purple, pink, and yellow

Likeness and Liking

The significance of contemporary generative art hinges on how it brings disparate kinds of similarity and difference into unreconciled—and productive—tension.

Guest Editor

Refraction DAO

The tools of web3 tools offer some exciting possibilities for art organizations. But it’s still crucial to build human networks around them.

Abstract image with interconnected purple spheres hovering over a multicolored moire pattern
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An abstract digital image with a repeating pattern of circles and arrows in green, over gridded circles in pink, orange, and purple

Building a Decentralized Art World

Outland’s new guest editor Refraction DAO is creating alternative models for organizing and funding an international network of exhibitions and events.