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Cosmic Bloom

Leo Villareal

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A digital avatar decorated with various tattoos and stickers, set against a black void

Metaverse Not Found

As the metaverse falters, Manny Palou’s open-source body scan turned game anticipates other ways of making bodies virtual.

A digital abstraction of a yellow grid, interlocking with blue and red stepwise lines, interrupted by irregular lines and warping patterns

Room to Grow

Artist and architect Francisco Alarcon explores virtual space with a project that points to code’s physical limitations, while locating potential in its mutability.

A close-up view of Casa Batlló, showing the curved balconies lit up like toadstool mushrooms

Second Nature

With a projection mapping inspired by the biomimetic architecture of Antoni Gaudí, Sofia Crespo explores how technology can be harnessed to help us connect with the natural world.

A screenshot of an old webpage with an photo of a mustached man holding a film camera, overlaid with red text

Massively Multiplayer Online Art

An inspirational model for the future of the web can be found by looking back at several early net art projects that emphasized collaborative creativity and play.

A screenshot from the game showing customers and waiters in a restaurant

Life in the Ludic Century

In 2013, Eric Zimmerman predicted that the systemic logic of games would transform contemporary society. He was right—even if the effects were more nefarious than he’d imagined.

How Art Games work

Guest editor Mitchell F. Chan introduces our special issue on games with a discussion of agency as a medium.

A stylized polygonal portrait of a baseball player against a green gradient background

Gaming the System

Mitchell F. Chan’s digital works combine conceptual art strategies and computer games to show that play can be serious business—and vice versa.

A digital image of an action figure in a package. It seems that one of the accessories has been torn from the packaging, leaving some raw cardboard.

The Shape of the Market

In 2023 the NFT space moved toward assimilation into the art world. But some projects highlight the NFT market’s special properties, suggesting alternative directions for development.

A digital image showing two views on an MRI brain scan

A Bitter Pill

The conceptual art duo Goldin+Senneby’s recent work on multiple sclerosis uses NFTs to point to the pharmaceutical market’s speculation on the sick.

A shot of a black DOS screen where pale figures accumulate at the bottom in an incoherent jumble

Glitch, Body, Anti-Body

Legacy Russell’s feminist theory of the glitch yields insights into how social and technological systems of control can be disrupted by the art and lives of queer and trans people of color.

An abstract digital image where fields of orange and black pixels collide and warp

Perpetual Motion

Kim Asendorf’s work navigates the paradox of the permanent art object and the dynamic digital medium

Special Issue

Glitch Art

There are as many stories of glitch as there are practitioners and individuals experiencing or working with the glitch. This issue illustrates and unpacks a few fragments of glitch art's complexities, cycles, genealogies, and turns.

A glitched-out black and white digital college with blue scribbles running across it
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An AI-generated image of a child looking directly at the viewer with big, unevenly shaped and colored eyes. Her hands flank her face, and each one has three fingers.

How to Glitch AI

Prompt-based image generators seem unhackable. But a committed glitch artist can still instigate interventions.

A digital image showing lots of glitchy pixels in shades of pink and orange

Re-wilding the Algorithm

The hacker folk art of esoteric programming languages yields insights into glitch as a practice that hijacks existing algorithms to emphasize plurality and freedom.