A digital drawing of a cellular shape in green, red, blue, and orange sits on an orange background. The word "3FACE" sits on top in green.
A variety of pop-ups with confrontational messages that include "We're all racist," "This was a setup," and "I am begging you," appear on the homepage of the Whitney Museum of Art website.

Ryan Kuo & Zach Gage

How does ownership operate? How do numbers represent meaning?

Two artists who use digital tools to design evocative interactions discuss metrics, value, and other concepts they both explore in their work.

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A computer-generated image of white lines forming a curving volume against a black background

Herbert W. Franke & Casey Reas

An intergenerational conversation about art and computation between two leading figures in the field.

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John Provencher & Travess Smalley

Two artists discuss the role of chance in their creative process, and how they have applied generative systems to genres and formats where they aren’t commonly used.

When working with chance, the hardest part is learning when to let go.

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Critical Perspectives

An AI-generated, abstracted human figure is posed in a similarly abstracted art studio

The Provocateuring Test

Mark Amerika, a pioneer of networked literature, explores the possibilities of collaborating with artificial intelligence in two new books, one fiction and one nonfiction. 

The Provocateuring Test
Digital Provenance and the Wallet Problem

Digital Provenance and the Wallet Problem

The blockchain promises an immutable record of provenance, but the custodial wallets and shared contracts used by some marketplaces make it difficult to verify authorship, complicating the work of appraisers and historians.

Digital Provenance and the Wallet Problem

A grid of eight portraits with an abstract black and white design at the center

The Groundwork

A series of video interviews with leaders who are experimenting with institutional forms and building cultural infrastructure for the NFT space

Colborn Bell, The Museum of Crypto Art
Sofia Garcia, ARTXCODE

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What Outland has done so far, and where things are headed The First Hundred Days

Circles of white, purple, pink, and dark blue form a pattern of radial lines around a central black hole
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