A 3D model of a female figure falling upside down through a black void
A smartphone showing a colorful orb rests in a blobby white resin

Sarah Friend & Lauren Lee McCarthy

How do technological structures reflect human relationships of obligation and trust?

Two artists discuss the transactional exchange of NFTs and how it can be an element in more complex interpersonal connections.

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A 7x6 grid of abstract art varying slightly in color and composition

Harm van den Dorpel & Jenna Sutela

What does it mean to make an artwork that's alive and changing?

Two artists discuss biology, computation, randomness, and complexity.

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Devin Kenny & Coleman Collins

How can new modes of exchange enabled by cryptocurrency inform artmaking and activism?

Two artists discuss feedback loops between technology and society.

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Critical Perspectives


Transfer Art

How can generative art be made to reflect the social and economic characteristics intrinsic to its existence?

Transfer Art

A grid of eight portraits with an abstract black and white design at the center

The Groundwork

A series of video interviews with leaders who are experimenting with institutional forms and building cultural infrastructure for the NFT space

Colborn Bell, The Museum of Crypto Art
Sofia Garcia, ARTXCODE

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Unstructured play with digital assets Ectogames

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