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Cosmic Bloom

Leo Villareal

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A painting of a shiny, digital-looking female figure posing on stage

A New Realism

Increasingly, painters are using digital tools and computer-generated images to capture the tone and texture of reality.  

A field of black-and-white pixels resembling the surface of the ocean, with cyan and magenta highlights marking the peaks and troughs of waves

Troubling the Waters

Jonathan Chomko’s pixel-based water simulator critiques the fetishes of randomization and realism in generative art.

An AI generated image of the Czech composer Dvorak


Founded by Czech entrepreneur Karel Komárek, the Basel-based collection has an explicit focus on digital and new media art.

An abstract digital composition of quadrilateral volumes in shades of purple, pink, and yellow

Likeness and Liking

The significance of contemporary generative art hinges on how it brings disparate kinds of similarity and difference into unreconciled—and productive—tension.

A digital drawing of a red television set showing a figure holding its head as purple rays flow from an opening in the top

Historical scale

The restoration of Keith Haring’s 1987 computer drawings proposes a new standard for using the blockchain to store and authenticate historical digital art.

A square image showing a dark gray sea-like environment with two mysterious blobs at the center

Weird Blob

A collection of NFTs inhabited by a mysterious, shapeshifting sea creature raises existential questions about the simulation of autonomous life forms. 

Strips divided into smaller segments of varying colors bend and flow on an off-white field in a digitally generated abstract image

Andrew Badr

A longtime admirer (and practioner) of software art has become an avid collector of generative work.

A softly blurred and glowing digital image evoking braided threads, folding over each other in swirling patterns

Criticism and Community

A special issue on generative art features essays by participants in a writing workshop organized with Art Blocks.

A grid of nine digitally generated images, each showing a glowing white clock face against a monochrome grid

Running out the clock

Deafbeef’s latest project calls back to Eadweard Muybridge’s nineteenth-century motion studies to meditate on the relationship between media and time on the blockchain.

A human figure with oversized hands and a glowing helmet stands in a forest surrounded by low, magenta vegetation

Postcards from the Gameworld

Gabriel Massan’s gorgeous adventure game incorporates NFTs as player souvenirs, rather than using the blockchain to elaborate on the game’s collaborative spirit.

A digital image of an off-white page featuring a dusky pink block overlapping with an arrangement of wavy lines

The Outland Review, vol. 2

Andreas Gysin and Sidi Vanetti's numerical art, the collaborative generative art project "N=12," Takakura Kazuki's AI installation, and Mark Fingerhut's malware ride reviewed in brief

A humanoid figure seen from the chin down, cast in a uniform bluish gray, walks through a colorless desertscape

Mark Amerika & ACI

Does artificial intelligence understand the timeline of its own existence? This simulated exchange, generated almost entirely by a version of GPT-4, probes that question.

A pixelated dark image—unclear of what, but it has white talons of some kind

Connie Bakshi

A studio visit with the self-described "digital shaman," who uses AI to explore ancient culture and the human psyche

An AI generated doll is pasted into a background image of a high-end living room. Text at the bottom reads like a taunting Instagram comment: "You're absolutely ugly."

Maya Man

In this virtual studio visit, the artist shares her ideas about social media's impact on girls, and discusses her use of creative coding.

A digital drawing of a garden with a profusion of blooms, all in different colors from real life--tending more towards violets and pinks

Flower Power

Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg’s algorithmically designed gardens cater to the needs of insects and plants, rather than the aesthetic preferences of humans.

Guest Editor

Refraction DAO

The tools of web3 tools offer some exciting possibilities for art organizations. But it’s still crucial to build human networks around them.

Abstract image with interconnected purple spheres hovering over a multicolored moire pattern
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An abstract digital image with a repeating pattern of circles and arrows in green, over gridded circles in pink, orange, and purple

Building a Decentralized Art World

Outland’s new guest editor Refraction DAO is creating alternative models for organizing and funding an international network of exhibitions and events.