Ian Cheng & Beeple

by Outland

In this conversation, Ian Cheng and Beeple exchange perspectives on the metaverse, gaming, and other directions for the future of art. They also share some appreciation for each other’s work. Cheng is fascinated by Beeple’s appropriation of figures from politics and pop culture, which he sees as a continuation of modding, fan fiction, and other practices in the robust landscape of grassroots creativity that the internet has enabled. Because of his interest in making dynamic art—such as his sculpture Human One (2022), a column of screens displaying visuals that can be reprogrammed and changed—Beeple is intrigued by Cheng’s Outland commission 3FACE, a PFP that can represent changes in the holder’s personality over time. Curator Hans Ulrich Obrist moderates the conversation, offering insights of his own into the current state of art and culture.

Sarah Zucker, who uses obsolete and current tools to make forward-looking work, is Outland’s first guest editor. Ahead of Her Time

An animated image of a woman raising a finger in disapproval. Her hair is a flowing animation and there is a meander pattern bordering the image
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