SALT 98, an abstract digital photograph by 0xmons and Loucas Brannier
SALT 98, 0xmons and Loucas Brannier



by Outland

In 2017, María Paula Fernández founded the Department of Decentralization as a framework for organizing conferences and publishing studies on the intersection of culture and web3. Last year, with Trent Elmore and Sam Spike, she started building JPG, a curatorial protocol that allows collectors and enthusiasts to make exhibitions of digital art by calling data from the blockchain. In this video, Fernández speaks about the importance of curation in the NFT space, and why she’s creating a structure in which it can be recognized as labor.

Leo Villareal reintroduces wonder to physical and virtual experience Scale Factor

A digital image of layered transparent pink spheres, connected by rods that glow at their intersections
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