A woman with glasses sitting in her home office looks meaningfully into her webcam


The Hirsch Truth: Episode 5

by Ann Hirsch

Even as digital artists working with abstraction focus on palettes and pixels, they can’t help but bring in bodies, narratives, and commentary. In this episode of her video critique series, Ann Hirsch shares her takes on works by Yoshi Sodeoka, Di-Andre Caprice Davis, Kerim Safa, and Andrew Benson. For a bonus segment of Flash Reviews, she skims the staff picks at SuperRare, and urges the staff to pick better.

Guest editor Simon Denny explores how ideas about ownership are structuring digital space, and how software metaphors are shaping real-world social relations. To the Metaverse and Beyond

A square canvas painted black and showing a bird's eye map view of a plot of land on Decentraland
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