The Hirsch Truth: Episode 8

by Ann Hirsch

In her latest video, Ann Hirsch—the Scott Rogowsky of NFTs—takes on a curated NFT exhibition: “Web 3.0 Aesthetics: In the Future Post-Hype of the NFTs,” organized by Annka Kultys Gallery for LaCollection. Ann talks about digital pieces by Marjan Moghaddam and Stine Deja that reflect the uncanny manipulation of bodies both on and offline, as well as videos by Ziyang Wu, Jeremy Bailey, and Danielle Braithwaite-Shirley that explore the possible futures suggested by the digital present. These visions are mired in fear, but full of hope. 

Sarah Zucker, who uses obsolete and current tools to make forward-looking work, is Outland’s first guest editor. Ahead of Her Time

An animated image of a woman raising a finger in disapproval. Her hair is a flowing animation and there is a meander pattern bordering the image
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