The Hirsch Truth: Episode 9

by Ann Hirsch

In the latest episode of her NFT review series, Ann Hirsch looks at “On Screen Presence,” curated by Regina Harsanyi for Feral File. The exhibition featured a series of five live-streamed performances that each resulted in the production of a unique artwork. Watch as Ann describes works by 0xDEAFBEEF, John F. Simon Jr., Wiena Lin, Golan Levin, and Molly Soda, exploring the conditions of digital performance, as well as the the importance of new methods of curation and exhibition in the NFT space. 

Sarah Zucker, who uses obsolete and current tools to make forward-looking work, is Outland’s first guest editor. Ahead of Her Time

An animated image of a woman raising a finger in disapproval. Her hair is a flowing animation and there is a meander pattern bordering the image
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