An artwork that adapts to you

3FACE is an adaptive artwork by artist Ian Cheng.

There are only 4096 3FACE artworks available ever.

Each 3FACE begins as a unique energy daemon.
Once held, 3FACE reads your wallet's public transaction history
and infers the inner forces that compose your personality.
Then 3FACE begins to adapt itself to you…

3FACE is a new way to express the mess that is you.
Forget trying to explain yourself as a coherent person.
You are a composition of daemons ~
an immutable NATURE
(the energetic daemon that deeply drives you),
a semi-mutable NURTURE
(the civilizing daemon that mediates Nature),
and a mutable POSTURE
(the managing daemon balancing your Nature and Nurture).

3FACE portrays your inner drama so you don’t have to.
As the history and contents of your wallet change,
update your 3FACE to express changes in your personality
(and reveal the parts of you that are unchangeable).

Join the adventure of a life lived with 3FACE.

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