The flower is a teacher of symmetry and geometry (the ‘eternal verities’, as Plato called them).  In this, flowers can be treated as sources of remembering – a way of recalling our own wholeness, as well as awakening our inner power of recognition and consciousness. What is evident in the geometry of the face of a flower can remind us of geometry that underlies all existence.  – The Hidden Geometry of Flowers


  • Cosmic Bloom is a new collection of NFTs by Leo Villareal and is the second part of the artist’s Cosmologies series. The series began with Cosmic Reef which Villareal created in collaboration with Art Blocks. The compositions of Cosmic Bloom are entirely abstract, in constant motion, and are non-repeating. They are influenced by organic and biological structure as well as stellar phenomena.

  • Cosmic Bloom is a generative art work. Villareal and his studio created custom code for the new collection which resides on the Interplanetary File System (IPFS). After much experimentation, specific sets of data and parameters are fed into the code in order to produce many outputs. Villareal then hand selected the iterations to be part of the final edition. This extra step allows him greater control, ensuring that the entire collection faithfully reflects his artistic vision. All of the moving images are generated by the code and do not repeat; they are not recorded videos.

  • The code for Cosmic Bloom is written in javascript using three.js. This code is uploaded to IPFS along with the JSON definitions for each mint.

    Additional information can be found on Outland’s Medium article on the project’s production.

  • Cosmic Bloom is composed in a series of generative layers or Folds drawing either from a three layer and four layer system.  The first two framing or background layers set the tone and ambience of the work – these are Energy and Field.  The foreground is designed as an more opaque layer (Response) to accent the main structure of the piece found in the Flora layer.  

    The Flora trait is the main visual system for the piece.  Here the artist was influenced by the geometric and aesthetic structures of 9 individual plants: Pitaya, Plumeria, Euonymus, Yucca, Echinopsis, Heliotrope, Arbutus, Salvia, and Helianthus.  Collected together as a set, they constitute the full creative vision.

    *Sample Cosmic Bloom traits table from Opensea

  • Join Outland’s Discord to get the latest info on the Cosmic Bloom sale. A digital wallet is required to mint.

  • A combined total of 10% of secondary sales royalties go to the artist and Outland. For more details please see the Ownership License below.

  • Owners of Cosmic Bloom NFTs are afforded specific rights which include displaying the artwork on personal devices, lending the artwork to a gallery or museum exhibitions, using the imagery as your avatar or profile picture, and reselling the work. More details can be found in the Ownership License listed below.

  • Learn more at http://villareal.net/.

  • Leo Villareal – artist
    Ed Manning – visualization director, Villareal Studio
    Emily Blanchard – studio manager, Villareal Studio
    Caitlin Pickall – project manager, Villareal Studio
    Peter Liu, Roberto Ranon, Raphael Palefsky-Smith – creative code development
    Torin Blankensmith, David Crooks, Carrie Kengle – creative code contributing developers
    Christopher Y. Lew – curator
    Digital Practice – web3 development and front end development
    NFT Culture – web3 development and front end development

    Produced by Outland Art

    Special thanks to John Charles Thomas and Pace Verso

  • Click here to download and view the Ownership License PDF.

Leo Villareal, Cosmic Bloom (2022), representative outputs