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Cosmic Bloom

Leo Villareal

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A digital abstraction comprising uneven shapes in yellow, red, and various shades of blue, drawn and arranged in a way that suggests handiwork

Bright Moments

Founder Seth Goldstein looks back on three years of activity as the art production DAO prepares for its final event.

Performing Lectures

When public speaking becomes art, the digital and physical apparatus of the performance are made visible.

Sarah Rothberg

The artist talks about using avatars to highlight the power dynamics and performative aspects of everyday technologies.

A still from a video in which a woman in a red jumpsuit dances around a white room, collaged with digital avatars of skimpily dressed dancing women

Molly Soda

A virtual studio visit with the artist, whose work investigates the performance of identity in online spaces

A glowing white silhouette of a young woman in a fancy form-fitting dress against a black background, with the words "i'm better off as a concept"

The Artist is Online

The history of digital performance shows how the obligation to maintain a personal brand online can offer space for experimentation.

Photograph of a man sitting on a darkened stage behind an electrical fan that blows polystyrene balls in the air

The Sphere DAO

Might blockchain technology offer new ways for artists working with performance to sustain their practices?

A photograph of three plastic statuettes representing fantasy characters: a tall female orc rogue, a magic user holding a spellbook, and an armored man with a thick blue moustache.

Tactical Homebrewing

The movement to queer and decolonize fantasy roleplaying games has found inspiration in familiar methods of vernacular game design.

A square image featuring a text in red capital letters outlining the rules of the Good Night performance

Juliette Bibasse

What is it like to own an NFT by Lauren Lee McCarthy that requires the artist to text you "good night" every night before she goes to sleep?

A photo of a clinical set up in an art gallery. A pink padded chaise behind a green curtain is surrounded by equipment for documenting a person's body: a computer, lighting, a monitor

Spilling Out of the Screen

Outland’s guest editor introduces an issue about performance artists who create relationships of intimacy and care to shore up the gaps left by technology.

A photograph of a woman standing on a hillside, pulling a loose dress over herself while wearing a prosthetic pregnant belly

Shock Therapy

Lauren Lee McCarthy’s art takes on surveillance capitalism with the shock effects of radical performance and an equally radical politics of care.

A rectangular abstract image made up of layers of illegible text in bright red and green

Text Analysis

The written word is distorted beyond all legibility in Robert Alice’s latest NFT collection, released to promote a book about art on the blockchain.

A woman contemplates abstract works recalling the contours of computer chips in a dark room where the walls are covered with lines of computer code

Almost Normal

The latest edition of Art Dubai Digital looks more like a regular art fair than its predecessors, but still has subversive and experimental work.

Screenshot of a tiny game-making tool

Chia Amisola

A virtual studio with the artist, who has been making games, tools and archives on the web since they were seven years old.

A digital avatar decorated with various tattoos and stickers, set against a black void

Metaverse Not Found

As the metaverse falters, Manny Palou’s open-source body scan turned game anticipates other ways of making bodies virtual.

Special Issue

Glitch Art

There are as many stories of glitch as there are practitioners and individuals experiencing or working with the glitch. This issue illustrates and unpacks a few fragments of glitch art's complexities, cycles, genealogies, and turns.

A glitched-out black and white digital college with blue scribbles running across it
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An AI-generated image of a child looking directly at the viewer with big, unevenly shaped and colored eyes. Her hands flank her face, and each one has three fingers.

How to Glitch AI

Prompt-based image generators seem unhackable. But a committed glitch artist can still instigate interventions.

A digital image showing lots of glitchy pixels in shades of pink and orange

Re-wilding the Algorithm

The hacker folk art of esoteric programming languages yields insights into glitch as a practice that hijacks existing algorithms to emphasize plurality and freedom.